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Traditional education systems and their paradigms are falling behind. We believe that there are many people with groundbreaking knowledge and expertise who need to be recognized and promoted. Are you one of them. Do you have a special gifting, or knowledge, or specialization that needs to be promoted to the world for you? If you have a strong desire to help build a Kingdom-based university, so that we can help communities around the world grow in business, wisdom, and prosperity, then this may be a divine appointment, and we would love to hear from you.

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If you meet the above criteria, we would love to chat with you to show you how we can succeed together. We promise that there will be no hype, pressure, or selling of your information. Our chat sessions are designed to be relaxed and fun.


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Questions and Answers: Partnerships

Who are partnerships for?

In a sense, all members become partners, because our programs are designed to bring prosperity to all members of our association. However, we want to go a step further by giving people with extraordinary knowledge and leadership abilities, the opportunity to be promoted by The Next Sky. This can include a wide range of people who have something uniquely valuable to contribute. This can include teachers or coaches who have been working on a course of their own, that they want to share with the world. This can be experts in their field such as people who specialize in opportunities in real estate, business, investing, personal development, wellness, training teens, building strong families, life coaching and much more.


Why not just go to an ordinary university?

Universities have their place. However, in many areas, they are falling behind a rapidly changing world. If you want to become an astronaught, or a biologist, then yes, go to a traditional university. They have a well developed track record in these areas. However, if you want to learn real life skills that you can apply in the real world so that you can rise above the challenges of a rapidly changing environment, with a greater depth of understanding than you can get from many marketing or Internet "gurus," this will be a better option for you.


What happens if I become a partner?

Think of popular online social media platforms. They provide the platform that gives contributors greater exposure. The Next Sky is a platform that brings together amazing minds who want to share knowledge that is not outdated, but relevant now, and applicable to the future. If you have this kind of knowledge and valuable skills to share with the world, we are building a platform to promote you have to a growing community. In this relationship, you will become a content provider, while we provide the platform that helps connect your content with a community that is invested in quality content and future-based thinking.


What kind of content providers are you looking for?

Content providers can come in many forms. Our aim is to build a fully fledged University based on Kingdom qualities and principles. So, think of everything that people need to be successful in the real world and thrive. Here are some questions to consider...

  1. Will knowing how to make money in all markets matter? Absolutely! Can you teach this, or create a course for this?
  2. Will learning how to be a strong family make a difference to people all around the world? Absolutely!
  3. Will learning leadership skills such as negotiations, public speaking impact lives? Absolutely!
  4. Will training up coaches in business, life coaching, fitness, health, and prosperity make a difference? Absolutely!
  5. What about preparing children for the real world. Will that help families prosper? Absolutely!
  6. What about training people in skills such as negotiation, trading, investing, buying and selling property? Absolutely!
  7. And much more....

Can you teach this, or create a course for any of the above? Can you coach or counsel in any of the above? Would you like to build a future and a career in any of the above? The point is that there is a great opportunity to grow with us! If you have something special to offer, schedule an appointment today. We would love to chat with you.


How will partners get reimbursed?

The answer to this question is a private matter to be discussed between members in private. However, you can be assured that the are ways to increase your potential and prospects in extraordinary, and future-thinking ways. We will be happy to discuss this with you when the time comes.

What are the steps to get started?

The first step is to plugin to the "I'm Interested! Learn More" section on the home page. This will help you gain a deeper insight of our values and approach. The next step is to chat with us by booking a call. (See the "Schedule a Session" button above.) If you want to continue from there, you will be required to signup and do the Core Program. This is a requirement for all members, so that everyone is on the same page.