We are Faith Based.

We're on a mission to Build a More Beautiful World!
Thriving People. Prosperous Communities.


We have faith in a better future for all!

We believe that all humanity has a higher calling to work for the greater good for all.


 ...Faith First...

We believe in having faith. For us, it comes down to a having faith in God, His Word, our families, our fellow human, and a better future for us all. Faith calls us to look higher, and hope for better. It sets higher standards, and goals. Faith motivates us to care enough to actually help people live better, safer, and more prosperous lives.

Some translate their faith into theology, preaching, debate and arguing over philosophies and semantics. For us, it is more important to get on with the work of actually loving, actually caring, and actually making a real difference to improve lives in the real world.

This motivates us to look for greater wisdom to build better businesses, create superior opportunities, and promote sustainable practices, so that we can all look forward to a better, safer future in Prosperous Communities all around the world.

We've tried the alternatives. The alternatives have funneled us into competitive envy, jeolousy, plunder, chaos, massive environmental damage, and war. This is clearly not leading us towards a better outcome, or a sustainable future. It is time to look up and believe in something better. We want to build a more beautiful world, because the road humanity is on is becoming increasingly ugly.

The question is, in future, where do we place our faith? Do we place it in something better, that lifts us up, and gives us hope. Or, do we place our faith in systems that are failing, and paradigms that are dragging us towards the edge of a cliff?

We believe we can have a better future. We believe we must do something better. The bickering, the fighting, the greed, the disputing and despising has not helped us. It is time to let go of failing paradigms, in order to believe in something far better.

We believe in greater wisdom, in love and caring, because this is what it takes to put aside our differences and build a better future for all.


Imagine what will happen if millions of people join hands to build a better, more beautiful world!



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Faith in life. Faith in God. Faith in one another. Faith in a better future for all.


Let's build Prosperous Families and give them a headstart in life.


This includes financial and physical health, prosperity and wellbeing for all.


Secure your family's future with multiple income streams and prosperity.

Success comes naturally when the Whole Person is Whole!
Thriving People. Prosperous Communities.


Questions and Answers: A Faith Based Organization

Why declare that you are a faith based organization?

We want to be transparent. Some people may not want to be part of a faith based organization, and as such, they have a right to know. So, it is simply to respect the fact that we all have our own preferences. we want to be transparent, so that people are free to join us if they want to be in a faith based community. And, they are free to go if this is not what they are looking for.

Are you denominational or what?

No. We are not affiliated to any denomination or church. We do operate as an extension of the Empowered Kingdom ministry which you can learn about at the EmpoweredKingdom.com.

What happens when we have differant beliefs?

No two people believe exactly the same. We all have different views and perspectives. And, we respect that. That being said, much of what we do, and teach, is based on principles and paradigms that come from a platform of faith. As such, they will tend to work better in a faith context, than outside of one. In fact some teaching will simply not work outside of a faith context. For example, giving generously to the poor may make no sense to a businessperson who is all about propping up the bottom line and maximizing profits. As an example, a greed-centered person who does not care if the poor perish, will probably be irritated by our teachings and leave.