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Our values:
Faith, Family and a Prosperous Future for all members.

Our Goals:
The Next Sky University is a Private Membership Association for the promotion of superior, affordable, Kingdom-based education that leads to the development of projects, personal development, business development, and a wide range of opportunities for all members. Our focus is on equipping our members for the real world, so that they can be excellent and exceptional in all levels of society, business and economy.





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Programs to build strong, Prosperous Families.

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Why a Kingdom University?What makes this different from what has come before?

The Industrial Age has passed! We are not living in the Industrial Age! We face massive new challenges, new dynamics, a new economy, and new ideas! Yet, much of our education continues on as if we are living in the Industrial Age, even though it is largely outdated and redundant! Those who are sensitive to the Spirit's leading, and the changing of the seasons, can see the writing on the wall. There is an urgent need for real-world education for individuals, churches, families, entrepreneurs, coaches, and much more. There is a great need an education that can keep up with the times. We teach our members to think ahead and position themselves rise above the times and prosper according to their God-given calling and Kingdom purpose.


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  A Prosperous Community Dedicated to Your Success!

The Next Sky is a Private Membership Association for good, hard working people and their families. If you are serious about getting ahead in business, finances, wellbeing and overall prosperity, for you and your family, then you need the education and benefits that is only available to The Next Sky's members.

What is True Success?


The Right Knowledge!

The general population spends over a decade in education systems. These come at great cost, time and effort. Yet, most people experience a lack of true prosperity! Many end up facing retirement underfunded. Many fail at business. Many fail personally, and so on. This should not happen if the knowledge we received is the right knowledge. In other words, it is not what you learn at school or what you know that counts as much as what you do not know. Our programs are designed to help our members gain the Right Knowledge for their lives, families, success and prosperity. Then, with the Right Knowledge in place, we can begin to build our community by creating superior opportunities for the benefit of all of our members.

You are invited!


This is ideal for people who ...

1. Are looking for Kingdom based education...
Kingdom based education is defined by Jesus' command to "Seek first the Kingdom..." (Matthew 6:33). It is a call to apply a higher set of standards, values and wisdom, to all things, including our knowledge, business, relationships and education.

2. Want to fulfill their Kingdom calling...
A Kingdom perspective changes everything. As an example, business changes from a means to get rich and plunder others, to a means to serve people and uplift communities and nations. So, if you are "called" to business, a Kingdom based education will encourage you to approach business as a means to do great good for all. The same applies to coaching, investing, mentoring, ministry, and much more.

It's time for The Next Sky!

2020 / 2021 will go down in history as the years that changed everything. Businesses closed! Churches shut down! Millions got hurt! Many lost their jobs and security! Parents, individuals, entrepreneurs, retirees, and investors struggled to keep up! There is clearly a need for new paradigms and a new kind of education for our members. The Right Knowledge leads to better opportunities, deeper knowledge, multiple income streams, improved investments, and much more...
Is this what you want?

A new kind of business

The typical business model is based on individualism, competition and consumption. In this model, forests are destroyed, rivers poisoned, oceans smothered, while people are used and abused. So, why not try a new way and actually help communities thrive?

A new kind of opportunity

Join us as we build opportunities that build Kingdom prosperity for all members. If you are looking for new, "clean" opportunities as a coach, entrepreneur, educator, this is for you.

A new kind of education

"Education shapes the way we create everything!" Education shapes what we learn and see. The world has changed too fast for traditional education to keep up, and be relevant. Don't get left behind. This is for you, your family, and your future.

A new kind of family

Imagine raising a family that is smarter, wiser, and more confident because it has wisdom, street smarts, and financial savvy! A strong nation is born in the home. A bold new approach, that is both life-changing and easy to apply, is needed. This, and more, is included in The Next Sky.

A new you!

You will be amazed to discover the potential you have, but did not know you had! If you are willing to give up "me," "mine," and "winner takes all,” paradigms so that we can actually help each other succeed, then this is for you. You will discover a community committed to excellence and the mutual success of all members. We believe in authentic success for all, including you.



We are looking for...Gifted, inspired, visionary, talented Kingdom Builders!

We are looking for a wide range of people to lead the way as Advisors, leaders, life coaches, business leaders, mentors, family coaches, fitness coaches, entrepreneurs, promoters, visionaries, network leaders, nation builders, and much more. If you know you have a calling to be a leader in the Kingdom-building space, this is for you.

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We are laying foundations for you ...

So that together, our communities can build so much more!


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Questions and Answers: The Next Sky Private Membership Association (PMA)

What makesThe Next Sky's university better or different?

As society progresses, new challenges and needs will begin to appear. We are living in a time of extreme, and rapid change. One of the impacts of this rapid rate of change is that many traditional education paradigms are proving to be ineffective and outdated. As an example, something like 100,000 businesses and institutions that shut down in 2020 have failed to reopen!

It seems that their huge investment of time and money in traditional education was not enough to rescue them!

It is a long-known fact that something like 20% to 100% of new businesses fail within the first few years - in spite of our traditional education! So, after approximately 12 years of schooling (and in many cases degrees as well), people still fail!

If traditional education is supposed to equip us for success, then why do so many businesses fail? Why do so many people work for approximately four decades, only to face retirement hopelessly underfunded? Why do people earn something like two million dollars over their working career, only to lose almost all of it in the end? Why do their investments fail as often as they do? Why do so many marriages break down? Why do so many people commit suicide? Why are so many churches closing their doors for the last time?

And on, and on...

Something is missing!

From our perspective, all of these things are indicators that something significant is missing in our traditional education, which teaches us to work hard for others, typically for less than our real worth! Traditional education fails to teach us how to survive (and even thrive), when the status quo suddenly changes. This is a huge oversight considering that we are in a time of rapid change.

In addition to the outdated redundancy of much of traditional education, there is the huge rise in the costs associated with college education. Student loan debt is soaring above the $1.53 trillion mark! ( 2021).

Education that builds nations!

A third point of distinction is that traditional Bible or Faith-based colleges seem to fail to equip pastors, businesspeople and mission workers for the real world. It is one thing to do exegesis and preach a good sermon, which is what most pastors are taught to do well. However, it requires a completely different level of wisdom and insight to enter a poverty-struck village and kick start its economy! This kind of wisdom is what we refer to as Kingdom wisdom. It is the kind of wisdom that King Solomon had. It is the kind of wisdom he used to build the nation of Israel, and to bring peace and prosperity to all within his Kingdom. This kind of practical insight and wisdom is clearly missing today.

Super Affordable!

And then, there is the question of affordability! Our commitment is to make our education both affordable and income producing for our students! Our programs start at $75 per month with the real potential to learn how to generate multiple income streams. These are just some of the ways in which The Next Sky is a transformative and a revolutionary breakthrough. There is much more!


What inspired the name, "The Next Sky"?

The Wright Brothers dreamt of doing something that was believed to be impossible at the time. They dreamed of people flying in the sky! As crazy as their dream appeared to be, they never gave up. In 1793, they took to the air in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and the rest is history. We now have the privilege of being able to fly across the oceans. We receive TV and communication signals via satellite with amazing technology that had its roots in the fact that the Wright Brothers dared to dream, and believe in something greater. Their dream changed the world forever. In a sense, they opened up the "next" sky for all of humanity. We adopted the name "The Next Sky," because we believe there is a bigger, higher, greater future for all of humanity, which we refer to as "The Next Sky".

What is a Private Membership Association?

A Private Membership Association is contractual structure that allows for private business to be conducted in private among members only. Its benefits are not available to the public, and it is not governed by public law. Some of The Next Sky's members-only benefits include members-only access to mentors, superior training, knowledge, and opportunities that are not available elsewhere.

A Private Membership Association (aka PMA), provides a vehicle for members to conduct their own private business, member to member, in private, outside of public / state domain. This has many benefits which include greater freedom, simplicity, efficiency, and much more. An additional benefit is that disputes are settled internally, without the massive burden of time, energy, and costs associated with the public domain's legal systems and processes. Corporations are state-created public entities that engage the general public and operate in the public domain. As such they are subject to the laws of state that governed by the laws of the public domain. By joining The Next Sky, you automatically become a limited member of The Next Sky's Private Membership Association. As such, you will be subject to its rules, terms and conditions in full. Do not join if this is not acceptable to you in any way.

Why is this a Private Membership Association (aka PMA)?

One of our foundation principles is to have an equal respect for all. It is an unfortunate fact that the public arena has become increasingly hostile and disrespectful. In order to build a community that can thrive together, we need to close the doors to invasion and disrespect in all of its forms. A condition of participation in The Next Sky PMA is that we honor and respect each other, and each other's privacy. A private membership association is a format that goes a long way to building a culture of trust and protection for our members so that we will have a solid foundation to build on.

Is The University of The Next Sky accredited?

A better question is, "Accredited by whom?" And, "For what purpose?"

Our mission is not to continue old outdated paradigms, but to build something new, dynamic, superior and powerful for the benefit of all. In the same way that you would not ask a blacksmith to certify a modern car, so we are not looking backwards to ask for accreditation to the concepts, paradigms, and standards of an era that is in rapid decline. That being said, many standing systems do have their place and will continue to have their role to play in areas that we do not cater to. For example, if you want to be a pilot, scientist, engineer or a surgeon, then you will be well served by following a traditional education program. They will probably be part of an appropriate accreditation system for their purposes.

The University of The Next Sky is not reproducing the traditional or the conventional. We are using paradigms that are completely new, and that may not even be understood in the traditional education world. These principles are what we refer to as Kingdom principles. In many cases these principles appear to be exactly the opposite of the paradigms used in traditional education. This is like trying to match a baseball with a key hole. They are not meant for each other. Similarly, what we are doing is not meant for systems that are rapidly becoming outdated.

A third aspect is that the accreditation systems used by public institutions apply to the public domain. We do not operate in the public domain, but in a private relationship with our own membership. We don't want to copy old wheels. We want to fly! In order to pave the way for "The Next Sky," we have created an accreditation system called "Worldwide Certification." Coming soon at

Which courses are available to start with?

The University of The Next Sky is a work in progress. All members are required to do the orientation course, which we also refer to as our "Core Program." This serves to get all members on the same page. We are rolling out the remaining programs and courses on an ongoing basis. We will follow the highest demand first. So, if the demand is highest for a business networking course, that is what we will roll out next.

What qualifications or pre-requisites do I need to have?

1. You do not need any special academic qualifications. However...
2. You do need to be able to read, write, and communicate in English. If English is not your first language, you may struggle with correct pronunciation and grammar. We will do our best to accommodate you. If we can understand you, and you can understand us, we will do what we can to make this work for you.
3. Most courses will be delivered online. You can work through the lessons at your own pace, by logging in to your member's dashboard on our members' portal at
4. You need to attend 80% of the live sessions. If this is not possible, you need to let us know.

How does a certification from Worldwide Certification work?

Each course or program completed by you will earn you a Worldwide Certification. Your qualification level will be added to Worldwide Certification's database for future reference to confirm your progress. This may be important for potential employers. Each course or program you successfully complete, will accumulate points for you until you meet the requirements for a Grand Masters Certification.

Will a Worldwide Certification replace my GED or other academic requirements?

That will depend entirely on each individual circumstance. Some institutions may play hardball and say no. Others will try to accommodate you. One of our priorities will be to form a network among academic institutions who are willing to recognize your progress and grant you credits towards their certifications, and visa versa.

Can I pay monthly rather than all at once?

The initial membership of $75 per month is a monthly payment. Once you are a member, you may be offered one-off options or regular monthly options, depending on the course or program.

What if I can't afford this?

Speak to us. There are many ways to make this work for you.

I'm an expert in my field. Can I contribute?

We would love to hear from you and see what you have to offer. It you are able to provide obvious Kingdom-building value for our members, you are more than welcome to contact us to discuss options. If we like what you have, we will promote it to our network. We are looking for expert trainers and course developers to join us.

Are there opportunities for me in The Next Sky?

There are! The list of opportunities is too large to list here. We are creating a plug-and-play system so that people can plug their ideas and talents into The Next Sky in a way that we can all thrive together. To give an example; if there is sufficient demand for a life coaching certification, we will release our Coaching Certification program as soon as possible. With this in place, we can also mentor coaches through the process of gaining a certification and starting their own coaching business based on Kingdom principles.

What is your primary offering and what makes you different?

The Right Knowledge! It is easy to gain useless and irrelevant knowledge. On the other hand, knowledge that is truly empowering is very rare and hard to come by. You can easily go to any school, or college, to pay for a course that will increase your knowledge. However, what most people do not know is that there is a vast difference between general knowledge (this is the knowledge of the masses), and what we refer to as the "Right Knowledge."

As an example, the Right Knowledge is the kind of knowledge elite investors use to make fortunes while the masses lose their hard-earned wealth in crashes. Another example would be the smart business person who thrives when most businesses are threatened, and fail in a crisis like Covid-19.

To bring this home, consider families. Why is it that some families thrive and grow stronger by the day, while others are torn apart with tragedies and failures? Why is it that most people will spend their life working hard to earn money, and yet face retirement hopelessly underfunded, with as little as $1,000 in their savings account? Why is it that some children grow up strong, savvy and bold, while others are pushed around on the playground of life? And so on...

The great differentiator is the Right Knowledge!

The few, (and they are very few), who have the "Right Knowledge," are hugely advantaged and favored over the rest who lack the right Knowledge. The Next Sky offers you an easily accessible pathway to knowledge that is truly empowering for those who will take it seriously and put in the effort to unlearn useless knowledge.

I lost my money when.... can you help?

There are many, many situations where people lose their hard-earned money and end up in serious trouble. This happens a lot to good, honest, hard-working people for various reasons. Examples range from retirees who wake up to discover that a huge chunk of their retirement has vaporized in a stock market crash, bad investments, and inflated promises. Then there are people who lose their jobs after years of service, and people who are impacted by lawsuits, legal action, accidents, and more. In almost every case, the difference between surviving victoriously, and facing disaster, comes down to having the kind of knowledge that sets one free. This is what we refer to as "The Right Knowledge."

Let's say you are facing retirement in 5-years time and realize you are hoplessly underfunded. Conventional wisdom is to go to a financial advisor. However, in many cases, they simply do not have the means to help you meet your needs, which means that you will probably be in for a long, hard road ahead of you. However, if you knew how to create automatic streams of income, that problem goes away and you can regain your dignity and get your life back. This is the power of The Right Knowledge! It sets one free from fear and insecurity, because you will always have options. It is like having a life raft that always floats to the top, while others are left treading dark waters in a sea of uncertainty.

Can this help me grow my existing business / activity?

You should absolutely do this! In this case we recommend that you complete the Core Program (Orientation), and then Network with other members who are interested in entrepreneurial business development. This will pave the way for greater income and opportunities for you.

I'm a pastor. Can this help my church? We are struggling with...

Absolutely! Every member should join, even if only to do the initial Core Program! Churches should be about building strong supportive communities, so that they can apply the right Knowledge collectively. This is exactly what we train people to do. It is a very powerful paradigm!

Can this help me raise a better, stronger family?

A big, "Absolutely Yes!!!" As an example, we are working hard to develop a program called "Prosperous Families" for our members. The pressures that parents and families face today are enormous. This program will help you to easily, and naturally deepen your family relationships. You will be guided to naturally strengthen your families, and equip your children with wisdom, savvy, backbone, confidence and financial smarts. All of this will position your children (and your family as a whole), to be head and shoulders above your peers. This program is a must for every family! You cannot afford to miss out on this.

I want to learn to invest and / or trade. Can this help me?

Definitely! If you have read through the above questions, you will have learned that there is "junk" knowledge and then there is the Right Knowledge. This is particularly important when it comes to trading and investing. We have pending programs specifically designed for members who want to learn about trading and investing. Our programs strip away the noise and the fluff to leave you with a clear-cut approach that you can apply to most situations to give you a strong advantage. These programs will be released when there is sufficient demand for them. Let us know if you are interested.

I have unique product / knowledge. Can I share this with your members?

You would have to be a member first. Remember, this is a "Private" membership association for members to support each other within a private members-only domain. If you are a member, feel free to contact us.

I'm an entrepreneur. Will you help me start up?

If you are a member, this is very possible. A startup will go through various stages. The first stage is the idea stage. Out of every 100 ideas, most are not worth pursuing. This means that you should first learn what ideas are worth diving into by signing up for our entrepreneurship program. The second stage is application. This is where mentoring comes in. If your concept and idea looks like it is worth supporting, we may open it up to our members who have a business network going, to help you. All of this, and more, is part of the concept, incubation and development steps we can potentially help you work through.

Does this come with an Affiliate Program?

Yes. Our system is designed to facilitate the building of collaborative teams within the confines of our private membership, in several ways. These may range from forming support groups to building internal affiliate teams. You will learn more about this during the Core Program and following.

Is membership month-to-month?

Yes. You can cancel at any time. However, if you do opt out, you will lose all membership and recurring benefits.

I'm an influencer. Can I introduce this to my audience?

In theory, the answer is yes. However, please talk to us first so that we can make sure we are prepared for the results. Also, this is not meant to be a public opportunity and membership is required before any benefits will be shared.

What is your refund policy?

We give so many opportunities to learn about The Next Sky, that it is unlikely that people will ask for refunds. However, in the event that we do decide to issue a refund, we will refund our portion, only up to the last period's amount, not exceeding one month's contribution. We will not refund any affiliate commissions already paid out to members, because we are not in the business of taking back affiliate commissions already earned and paid out to our members. We do not refund, or replace, third-party charges or fees.

What is your mission statement?

We are building a Kingdom University that offers superior Kingdom-building knowledge to the nations. Our mission is focused on building Prosperous Communities worldwide, in which all members have a fair share of the rewards that come from their community's efforts, alliances, and investments, based on superior knowledge, wisdom, education, and action as taught by the University of The Next Sky. In other words, our aim is to build collaborative communities in which all members prosper together.

Do you have a statement of faith?

We have a strongly held belief that there lies within all of humanity a higher spiritual calling to live out the Golden Rule as expressed throughout history and in all cultures. This calling should be pursued as a God-given Kingdom mandate. This Kingdom mandate calls us to the supreme duty of caring for our fellow humans and all life, and to be responsible for our earth, which is the only sustainable home we have. We believe that all people have the right to joy, peace, prosperity that includes equal and fair opportunity for all, based on the higher virtues of equal respect, compassionate wisdom, and the mutual benefit of all. We believe in the inspired Word and God , Holy Spirit and Son.

Are you a political or activist organization?

We do not have a political mission. Our policy is to respect that some are called to the political arena. However, this is not where we want to spend our time, focus, and energy. We are more interested in making a difference in ordinary people's lives, in their person, relationships, business and income. Together, these things comprise the whole person. When all of these aspects are in health and in balance, a person experiences what we would refer to as authentic prosperity. Whole people make better decisions, build stronger relationships, and are an asset to their families and any Prosperous Community. This is our mission.

How old must I be to participate as a member?

You may sign up if you are 18 years or older.
Alternatively, parents can enroll for programs such as the Prosperous Families program, even if the rest of the family are under the age of 18. Prosperous Families is a program that we want parents to share with their children.

What if I have more questions?

1. Get back to the person who invited you.
2. Do the orientation (Core) Program. This will answer a lot of your questions.